Painting Peace

Scattered rain showers at the lake on Saturday so I sketched a wild rose in pencil.  I forgot to bring my watercolors so I had to wait until I got home to complete it:

I identified this rose as a Baldhip or Wood rose.  You can see rain droplets in the above photo against a “temporary” blue sky.  Rain is good for many things – a long walk, a good night’s sleep and time to sketch.

After my pencil sketch, I decided to try a looser format in my art journal.  I started this sketch on Saturday evening and finished it the following night with a black Micron pen:

I was upset and saddened by the recent, senseless shooting violence in Orlando, Florida.  So I decided to paint my roses yesterday in the colors of a Peace Rose.

I don’t know if it is possible to paint peace but I gave it my best try.  🙂


Peace Friends!

33 responses to “Painting Peace

  1. Your journal is shaping up beautifully.
    And a lovely and peaceful rose…(K)

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  2. What lovely roses and a fitting tribute for those who passed. 🙂

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  3. Very nice Jill ☮

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  4. Oh Jill! Overwhelmingly peaceful beauty!!!

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  5. This is so very beautiful. What a loving tribute to those whose lives were taken.

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  6. Lovely in every way.

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  7. Wonderful job with all of these, Jill. I think you’ve painted peace beautifully. You have such a gift with flowers, really impressive work!

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  8. Wow, your nature journal entry with the rose is lovely. Your Peace rose reminds of an image I’ve seen those new adult coloring books.

    It’s beautiful and a lovely tribute.

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  9. Gorgeous roses, Jill :-). Thanks for sharing. Did you make your journal yourself? The paper looks nice and sturdy and the rough edges on the pages are very cool.

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  10. A beautiful, peace filled tribute. Well done Jill.

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  11. This is incredibly wonderful Jill. 💕I think it’s definitely possible to paint peace into the world, and you’ve just done it beautifully. 🎨☮

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  12. Your journal entry is beautiful and the Peace Rose is really lovely and such a touching memorial for such a tragic event. It is possible to paint peace, you just did. Thank you for sharing.

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  13. Thank you, Haunani! ❤️☮🌈


  14. So sophisticated, Jill ~ I adore it all.

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  15. Your finished piece is simply splendid! Love the movement and how the colors peacefully blend together! Very beautiful indeed!

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