Bird Sox

Weird Bird Wednesday meets Bird Brain Inventions


Don’t be out on a limb without your bird sox!  Lol!

I hope you have a happy day, whatever socks you like to wear!  🙂

26 responses to “Bird Sox

  1. Yay! This is awesome, Jill! Love it!

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  2. This is so adorable!!!! That creative jilly mind!!😝

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  3. Crew sox for ducks…I like that idea! (K)

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  4. My favorite are the knee sox in rainbow colors! Love this! And my Orioles are playing the Red Sox for the next couple of days……..hmm. 😀 ❤

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  5. LOL! I love it! This is so cute! Rainbow socks for me!

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  6. Thanks for the giggles Jill! Rainbow toe sox please!!

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  7. thanks for the “laughter of the day”, you are unbelievable… sport socks for roadrunners :-))

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  8. I was moving quickly and misread your blog title😊Thought you’d gone a bit naughy! LOL Must slow down…. Though, I guess, if birds read the ad like this it would really sell a lot of sox!! This is amazingly creative and fun! Love it, Jill! 💕🎨

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  9. Excellent and such fun…next knitting patterns for bird socks!

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  10. Why Harold you are
    Looking a bit tired! Love the sox tho!!

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    • Lol! 😜 Thanks Elf Smiley! Did you see that I gave Harold a last name of HOOTigan? Hehe! And I mentioned Harriet – she is in the colorful bird category because she has a flair for fashion! 😃


  11. Lol Jill, bird sox for bird legs! You have such a great sense of humor.

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