Loose Landscapes

Letter “L” is for loose landscapes at the lake!

As a warm-up exercise for my online class, Y is for Yellow with Carla Sonheim; I did some quick sketches on leftover watercolor paper scraps with a gray and black Neocolor crayon:

I painted several pieces of  watercolor paper with house paint samples that I had leftover from Lynn Whipple’s Big Bold Flower Painting class.  Once dry, I used Dick Blick’s Economy “Blickrylic” acrylic paints to paint landscapes based loosely on my sketches:


imageIt was lots of fun!  🙂  This assignment inspired me to paint landscapes in colors I would not normally use such as these colors:

As you can see, I have them ready to put in my old “ledger” that I showed you in my post yesterday.

Now, I want to try large and loose landscapes on canvas!

I encourage you try painting loosely and boldly today!  It may give you a new perspective on life!

Happy Painting!  🙂

34 responses to “Loose Landscapes

  1. These all look wonderful. I bet the activity was as relaxing as watercolor painting! 😀

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  2. Yes! Being bold is my theme for the next year of my art studies. No more wimpy painting! I really like your non-traditional landscape colors. Very bright and beautiful. Have fun.

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  3. Love them Jill. I would never think of playing around with house paints. You’re opening my eyes to new possibilities, thank you.

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  4. I really like these Jill. Simple forms, and changing the colors gives each its own feeling of the time and place. (K)

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  5. Wow, they are awesome! Those bright colors zing!

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  6. Love these So original. Bold and loose!!

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  7. Wow, inspirational photos and artwork! Loose and bold colors, this is really the way to go, Jill! Bravo!

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    • Thanks Laura, I thought you might like these! 🙂

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      • Love the deep blue one, especially. So dramatic! Very beautiful. Yes, love your colors and freedom in the movement!

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      • Yes, that one is one of my favorites too! 🙂 I did these all rather quickly, standing in my kitchen. It surprised me how such simple shapes and colors can evoke a mood.

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      • Sometimes the simpler the better. I lose sight of that more often than not. I go into a frenzy when color is involved. But that serenity that comes from the simple palette and gentle rippling waves. Very nice.

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      • I agree! I often loose sight of simple too! I think that was part of the fun I had here. Limiting my colors and shapes seemed to open my eyes to new possibilities. 🙂

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      • I think it’s a really good idea, Jill. I try to limit the colors, but it seems one color always calls for another. I spent hours on a piece one day, showed it to my husband, he said it needs a little red. But then he said, wait don’t add the red because then you’ll have to add a whole bunch more to it. Hehe. Do you ever add one color then have to add a bunch more? Even a picture as small as an 8×10 could go on forever lol. I prefer working on one to starting a whole new one.

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      • Oh, yes! When I painted the wine and flowers canvas with acrylic & added collage, there was a lot of push and pull of colors. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to a happy place. Some paintings are just that way. But I also should have limited my colors because this was part of my problem. I learn as I go! 😄🎨

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      • I love it about an acrylic painting that its never really over. And I hear ya re the limited palette. It’s always trying to find that balance. In art and in life. I’ve learned so much about life by creating art. More than I’ve learned from anything else I’ve tried. Do I have any sisters out there? I bet I do. 💜💜💜

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  8. Yes! I love these…..boldly and loosely yes! love it 🙂

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  9. Color changes everything. Each painting evokes a different response. Joyful, Jill.

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  10. Very nice! I am particularly drawn to the green one – masterful!

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  11. These are great Jill! 😍I love you’re so fearless when it comes to playing with any medium at hand. And the results are always so beautiful!

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  12. This is so interesting! What a neat exercise to try the unconventional colors! Great work.

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