Funny Fish Tales

I like to collect old postcards as I find them good material for my art collages.  I happened upon these “Tall-Tale” postcards on one of my art “fishing” expeditions:


According to the Wisconsin Historical Society (, “Tall-tale postcards emerged around the turn of the 20th century, when postcards came to function as surrogates for travel. People soon realized that postcards could be used to create or sustain a certain utopian myth about a town or region, and crafty photographers began to physically manipulate their photographs. Nowhere did these modified images, or “tall-tale postcards” as they came to be called, become more prevalent than in rural communities that hoped to forge an identity as places of agricultural abundance to encourage settlement and growth. Food sources specific to the region — vegetables, fruits, or fish — were the most common subjects.”

I found these two postcards extra funny:


With the added bonus of handwritten notes on the back of the cards:


These postcards inspired me to revisit my Alphabet Art Journal and create my own “Tall-Tale” for the letter, “F.”


It says, “Frank hoped his funky fish hat would help him catch more fish on Father’s Day.”

Wishing all fathers a “swell” Father’s Day and that’s no exaggeration!

Happy Fishing!  🙂

12 responses to “Funny Fish Tales

  1. That is awesome!!!!!!!! Love it. My hubs would too.

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  2. So cute, Jill! I love your inspiration for your artwork. Isn’t it cool that neither postcard has a zip code in the address. Wow, way back in the 30s, just love!

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    • Yes, I also liked that there was no direction in the address too – no North or South, etc! Fun to read these old postcards. I have some written in beautiful French handwriting too. Its lettering can be art in itself. 💜🎨

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  3. Those are the funniest and cutest postcards! And I love what you did with them in that collage!

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  4. This is so cool!! Love that you collect old postcards…that’s a great treasure trove of stuff to use! Fabulous fish tale! 😍

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  5. I love postcards too…and your inspired collage. More fun! (K)

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  6. Such fun! I have been working on fish too…will show soon ;o)

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