Moose On The Loose!

On our way to the lake a couple of weeks ago, a large female moose trotted out on the highway in front of us.  Luckily, it was further away than this close call that I recorded in my art journal last year, here.

I decided to create a mixed media page in one of my larger watercolor journals.  I started by gluing a page from an old book on trees to my page.  I then painted it in watercolors.  I added a stencil to create a pattern.  (Excuse the rocks weights in the photo…it was a windy day!)


Next, I drew a pine tree branch with needles using Tombow markers, Neocolors and color pencils.  I also drew a pinecone:


I glued a few pieces of my gelli-printed paper to the page and added a little more watercolor:


Then I drew my moose and an upside down owl with Neocolors:


I like the look of watercolor on the paper but when I applied the collage papers, I lost some of the watercolor.  I’m still happy with my finished page.

May your Sunday be sunny without any moose sightings…  🙂

17 responses to “Moose On The Loose!

  1. An awesome page Jill. Love all the elements!

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  2. Fun to see it come together. And you’ve made the moose look friendly! (K)

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  3. Some people go their whole lives without ever seeing a moose. In New England, visitors go there hoping to see one! Definitely wouldn’t want one in front of me on the road though, that would be terrifying. They are monstrous! Absolutely love your pinecone, Jill. He is waving at me there, trying to be noticed. So I am waving back to him. And you! Good morning! Lovely journal page today. 💜

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    • I hope my pine cone looks like one! I wasn’t sure if it looked like a dead tree! Lol! 😉 Not easy to draw… And I like seeing moose just not so up close. They are HUGE animals! 😮 Enjoy your day, Laura! 🌈 We have sunshine and blue skies today, horrah!!! ☀️🍄🍃

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      • Yay! Oh I think your pine cone is beautiful!! I agree, up close they are truly terrifying. They could easily stomp a mid-sized SUV like we were driving when we encountered one in Canada. Getting ready to come onto the road. Huge! I understand how you feel. I didn’t realize they were also out west until you mentioned them the last time.

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  4. What a great idea to match the subject. I love this!

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  5. I love to see your imagination unfold on the page Jill. What a great way to express your moose encounter! 🌻

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  6. I love the finished page Jill! Wonderful composition and design! And digging your moose!! 😍

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  7. Your creativity is unstoppable, what a wonderful page for your journal!

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  8. I’ve always wanted to see one but never have. Thanks for sharing your view with us! Very good. N

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