Poor Aunt Penny

Sometimes it is just fun to play with color and patterns.  I painted these ants on 140 lb cold press Khadi paper with Winsor & Newton watercolors:


And then I made up this silly poem:

I remember my poor Aunt Penny,

Who loved squishing ants with her tennies,

Until one day,

The ants carried her away,

When she stepped on one too many!


I hope you get “carried away” creating art today!  Happy Saturday!  🙂

32 responses to “Poor Aunt Penny

  1. You made me laugh, thanks for this one! :-))

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  2. Laughing here too, Jill! 😀 Just what I need in this gloomy, rainy day. Thank you!

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  3. Sooooo adorable. I could see this as child bedding ! So darn cute Or a whole children’s book based in it. Your creativity is endless jilly 😝

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  4. Making even ants look fun! Yes, it looks like it could easily be a print fabric. A summer tablecloth, perhaps. (K)

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  5. Oh, you know I like the rhyme!

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  6. I just love this painting, Jill. Wonderful colors and great balance.

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  7. Painting for Joy

    Funny! Good stuff. Thanks fir making me smile this morning! 😄

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  8. The ants all look like they are getting x-rayed.

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  9. Haha, Jill. I’m so glad you posted the ants.

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  10. Jill I love it, yet another great idea for a picture book.

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  11. Lovely painting, delight poem and mixed media image…you have a creative talent for making laughter and smiles. Thank you so much for sharing…ashame to hear about Aunt Penny….;D lol.

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  12. Haha!! Love!! Poem is so awesome!! Lol😂😂

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