A Happy Camper

The Happy Camper bird is often sighted in the wilderness near people enjoying the great outdoors:


Happy Weird Bird Wednesday friends!Β  πŸ™‚

P.S. Do you see any animals in the clouds?

29 responses to “A Happy Camper

  1. I feel like I see an upside down hummer! So cute, I always like your weird birds.

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  2. That is one stylish bird, I really think it is very beautiful!

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  3. And I’m happy to see one of your wonderful new birds! (K)

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  4. Love these Wednesday posts!

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  5. LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE Weird bird Wednesday – and this one rocked it as usual.
    I DO see animals in the clouds, a sheep, a pelican or whale, and a bear! Do I have a crazy imagination?! LOL!

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  6. haha!! LOVING the Happy Camper! 😍Wednesday is such a rough day to get through… thanks for always brightening it with your fabulous imagination. And I see all sorts of things in clouds… but animals are usually what I pick out first!

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  7. Painting for Joy

    This is soooooo awesome!!!!!

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  8. so cute! I was actually waiting of your Wednesday bird! yesterday I thought tomorrow is Wednesday means your Weird Bird Wednesday! πŸ˜€Thanks for sharing Jill! Ohh yes i do see forms in clouds, since childhood we used find forms in clouds. It’s fun! πŸ˜€

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  9. By the first glimpse on the picture it was clear to me: another wonderful birdy by Jill:-]]
    And I see a hedgehog!

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  10. I am smiling at our happy camper!! A favorite saying around here so much appreciated. xx

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  11. Ahh yes he is absolutely smashing!! I like the use of tent paper as well! Search n find objects in your drawings, well, brilliant I say, brilliant! Cheerio!

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  12. Adorable and absolutely delightful! Love the Happy Camper bird!

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  13. This camping bird is so fun!

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