Klee Inspired

Carla Sonheim’s FREE Kid’s Art Camp started yesterday online.  Any age KID can join in the fun!  You can find out more about it at CarlaSonheim.com – go to her link for online classes.

I really enjoyed the first lesson that was inspired by Paul Klee and his grid patterns of color.

I started with a crayon outline of my Wordpress name, Art Jill Kuhn and added a few patterns too!  I then painted the sections with watercolor:


Next, I added a wash of yellow paint over it:


And I finished it by outlining it in one color of crayon to unify it:


This was so much FUN that I had to try another one!

This one says, Love The Lake:


With a yellow wash:


And a final crayon outline:


I encourage you to give it a try!

Happy Creating!  🙂

P.S. I’m still on vacation this week but I wanted to share this fun class with you all!  And of course I will posting a weird bird on Wednesday!  😉

21 responses to “Klee Inspired

  1. These are very lovely, Jill! 🙂 ❤ Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Channeling Klee for sure; very cool Jill, thanks! 💛

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  3. Nice! The clean pastels work well together. (K)

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  4. It’s like a puzzle and a picture and a painting all in one!

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  5. Dear Jill, this is just what I needed to get me unstuck. I’ve been walking around in a feeling of mud the last few days. I always love your upbeat approach to creativity, thank you thank you for posting your joy.

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  6. Awesome! At glance i could recognized it’s something related to kids! You have used perfect colors very soft and muted! Ohh yes waiting for Wednesday Birdie! Enjoy your vacation Jill!

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  7. This looks fantastic, and like so much fun. Thank you for sharing your creative finds.

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  8. hehe! You big KID! I want to come over and play!!!! Love it!! 😃

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