Seeds, Pods And Berries

I was thinking about seeds, pods and berries as summer flowers begin to fade or dry out.  I drew these in my art journal the other day – some are real and others are from my imagination:


I added a little watercolor or gouache and liked how the shading gave them dimension.

A fun activity that I will probably do again!

Happy Painting!  🙂

24 responses to “Seeds, Pods And Berries

  1. The Leaf Diary

    I love this! I like the effect of the shading too.

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  2. Wow, so many, and so different looking, love the shadows too 😀

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  3. Nice! Great colors too. This reminds me of the leaves and pods I was drawing last fall. Can’t wait! I love that you draw so much from your imagination too. 💜


  4. I just love your nature art!

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  5. things are really starting to dry out – huh? 😦 the best thing about summer ending is my granddaughter comes sooner – 🙂 I love this nature journal page, and you are right – the shadows really make it! Great stuff Jilly!

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  6. great nature illustrations! loving the 3d effect those shadows does!

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  7. Great illustrations and the gray shadow does set them off!

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  8. These are wonderful, another peautiful page in your sketchbook:-)

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  9. Patricia G Bleecher

    Nice, Jill. Love the way your art is part of daily life.

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  10. They are all beautiful! Love the shading – I always have trouble with that… 😳 And the colours you chose are so pretty!!! 🎨💕

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  11. Lovely! These are so pretty!

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  12. ooooo these are lovely! I love how the shadows make them pop! 😍🎨


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