Gelli-Printing Experiments

I enjoyed doing these acrylic printing experiments on the Gelli-plate while at the lake last week.

Here are some of my results…

Printing on deli paper, I added some metallic paint that I hadn’t done before – not sure you can see it in my photos but it gives an interesting sparkle to them:

I tried drawing patterns with a permanent black pen first before adding several layers of acrylics on the Gelli-plate.  The watercolor paper on the left is hot-press and the right is cold-press.  I found that the cold-pressed paper added a nice texture to my design.

I made various marks using Neocolors and Tombow markers first.  I used 90-lb hot-press watercolor paper on both of these:

I like how the water-soluble marks bled or softened depending how much water I used with the acrylic paints.

I added some watercolor or gouache paints to the background of these first.  Can you see the negative print of a leaf (red outline) on the print on the left?

And for this last one, I painted my circles with gouache first on 140-lb cold-pressed watercolor paper.  I was careful to allow some of the gouache to show through my acrylic paint layers.  I really liked this one:


I’m curious to hear what you think!

Happy experimenting!  🙂

14 responses to “Gelli-Printing Experiments

  1. The Leaf Diary

    Very interesting set. I like the pink/blue stripes one, the orange/blue and the very last one in this post. The last one in particular got my attention because of the play with transparency. I noticed that’s something I enjoy looking at.

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  2. Looks like lots of fun!!!!

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  3. I love your colorful print fun!

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  4. Wow! Love all the awesome colors!! These are great, Jill! 😃

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  5. My favorite set is the one where you used the permanent markers – they have a Paul Klee look to them! I love the texture of the cold press!

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    • Thank you, Marcy. I really liked that one too. 😃 And I agree, the cold press paper really added a nice texture. It even leaves a nice texture on the Gelli plate for other prints. 😃


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  7. This looks so fun, I want to try it out! I would like to know what you think about my art if you have time. My website is Thank you and have a great day!

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