Explosion Of Color – Part 1

I usually use Golden “Fluid” Acrylics on my Gelli plate but the other day, I decided to try Golden’s “High Flow” Acrylics.  They are more liquid in consistency much like acrylic inks.

I discovered this video on YouTube that describes them.  I found it helpful and thought you might too:

Everything was going fine…until the lid got clogged and I kept trying to squeeze out the paint.  And then it EXPLODED!  Teal paint EVERYWHERE!!!


This is probably why I normally paint outside but on this day, I was in my kitchen.  It looked like a crime scene with blue paint!  Ugh!  Definitely HIGH FLOW!

It went all over me but then I looked behind me… I got the kitchen cabinets, the floor, the sink, the dishwasher!  Oh me, my!  It wasn’t pretty.  😦

I figured I had to clean it quickly before it all dried.  Thank goodness it dries a little slower…

I thought I would forever be seeing teal spots… I just had to laugh!  It was either that or cry!  😉

So I stayed CALM and PRINTED ON!   I will show you my gelli prints tomorrow.

I learned a valuable lesson that I wanted to pass on to you – if the lid is clogged, don’t continue to SQUEEZEEEEE!!!

Happy PAINTING!!!  🙂

16 responses to “Explosion Of Color – Part 1

  1. Lol. Good lesson. How many of us will remember and adhere though??!! 😝

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  2. Lol… oh no!! That’s quite a lesson learned. Yeah… I would have totally squeezed… 😊lol This is why it’s best that I stay exclusively with watercolors. hehe

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  3. I look forward to Part Two. We’ve all had those creative explosions! 😀

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    • Yes! And sometimes we just have to laugh about them!! 😆 I thought the video was interesting because it shows that you can make your own markers with the paint. Something I did not know was possible. Lots of great ideas to try in the video! 💕🎨🌈 Enjoy your day, Sharon! 😃

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  4. Lol! oh poor you but you wanted to do art, just let it flow! ha…..at least you chose a beautiful color. 🙂 looking forward to seeing what you came up with.

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  5. Made me chuckle…many of my favourite clothes have been ‘enhanced’ with acrylics in situations like yours 😀

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  6. Painting for Joy

    Oh no!!! 😱😱😱😱

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  7. Sorry but I had to giggle… something similar happened to me with black ink. It was water soluble but you can figure out the mess :-))

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  8. Blahhahha!! I can so see it happening! Glad you got it all cleaned up. At least it wasn’t the “Roomba” experience that this man had: http://www.scarymommy.com/roomba-meets-pile-of-poop-jesse-newton/

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