Explosion Of Color – Part 2

One of the main reasons I like printing with the Gelli plate is I LOVE experimenting with COLOR!!

I also like to use a variety of items I have around the house to make PATTERNS on the Gelli plate.

Here are some of my experiments:

I used a pencil eraser to make the lines on the left and a jar lid and rubber comb to make the patterns on the right.

I used paper that had a raised pattern to create the print below:


The print on the left shows the positive and negative printing of a cardboard slide mount.  I also used a circle stencil and foam stamp.  I used a small pinwheel to create the patterns on the right.

You will see some of Golden’s High Flow Teal paint from yesterday’s post in the above left one…

A water bottle gives a watercolor effect to the leftover paint on the plate.  And this plastic comb makes a great pattern – the colors and patterns in this print reminds me of our flag:


I often like to make prints on deli paper because of its transparency.  I discovered that tissue paper works just as well (the purple print).  And I love printing on old maps:


I don’t like to waste any paint so I discovered that I could roll the excess paints from my rubber brayer onto pages from an old dictionary.  I used one of these pages in my weird bird on Wednesday.  I also like how it looks to print over papers I had previously collaged to a page:


I hope my printing experiments will spark some creative ideas for you to try on your own Gelli plate!  It is so very FUN!  Yet, you may want to try it outdoors.  Lol!

Happy Printing!!  🙂

27 responses to “Explosion Of Color – Part 2

  1. These are wonderful prints, Jill. Now you have a lot of material to use in different projects and art journals. 🙂

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  2. This does look like fun! (K)

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  3. These are all so beautiful Jill!! Have a fun day creating!

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  4. Beautiful and inspirational!!

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  5. I love when you print. The one that looks like snake skin is very interesting. Your color combinations are so good. One day I will get back to printing. Thank you for inspiring me.

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    • Thanks Carmel! I do hope you try it again! 😄🎨 I usually use one color at a time on the Gelli plate and then make a print, use my water bottle to water down what is left on the plate and make another print. Then I try another color on the plate. By this time, the first print layer has dried. Hope this will help you. I find working in layers works the best for me. If I do use more than one color on the plate, they are usually in the same family, like 2 reds. 😊


  6. Oh how fun – you are such a creative one dear Jilly! Your post makes me SMILE!

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  7. amazing work and my eyes are so geared for color and design….love it!

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  8. Painting for Joy

    Sooooo very cool Jill. I’ve never used a Gelli plate. Don’t even know what that is but I like what it does!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻💕

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  9. I always love seeing what you do with the Gelli plates…they have been tempting since I first saw them, but I do believe you have inspired me to cross the line and add them to the painting fun. Thank you for sharing.

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  10. Yay to experiments and COLOR!! Love these… so cool to see all the various patterns and textures!! 😍

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