Painting Pods Progress

I am still working on my Lupine seedpod painting from Tuesday


I added Golden fluid acrylics to some of the background in Cobalt Turquois and stenciled some dots with Transparent Red Iron Oxide.  I also added doodles with a white gel pen.

Next, I softened the black outlines with water:


I plan on adding some collage papers next.  Hopefully, I can complete it this weekend!

Happy Creating!  🙂

17 responses to “Painting Pods Progress

  1. Loving the progress!!! 👍😊

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  2. Stunning! I have been away for a bit and what a delight to come back and see this wonderful painting pop up on my screen…this looks like an exciting and beautiful creative adventure. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. oh my goodness! this is, exquisite. love. love. love. I’d frame it, right NOW. good going Jill 🙂 and another…… WOW!

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  4. I see faces beginning to appear…(K)

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  5. I totally love how you are working on this….sometimes I will do an abstract and then stop because I don’t have a clue how to proceed. This is simply beautiful, love it. Can’t wait to watch your progression with it. Did you list your colors on your other post?

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  6. Hi Margaret! I think taking breaks is good because you get a feel for a piece and what it needs. 😃 I’m glad you like it. 🎨💕 I’m enjoying this one. And yes, I listed my ink colors in my first post. 😃


  7. Just super cool, Jill! Looking beautiful and loving seeing the stages!! 😍

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    • Thanks Charlie! 💕😄 I finished it today. I’m having so much fun! 😊🎨 I will post it on Sunday. I want to frame it first. I’m not very good about framing my art so I want to change this! ❤️ Do you frame any of your Doodlewashes?! They are ALL frame worthy in my opinion. 😃

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