Blue And Greens

Blue and green colors remind me of summer.  I recently took these photos at the lake:



I created this pattern in my art journal during my lake vacation.  Yesterday, I wrote this haiku:


It says:  Floating on the waves, Cool water supports me, I’m weightless and free.  I’d like to remember this feeling of freedom.

I created the pattern with a black pen first and then added the watercolors.  I found it very meditative to paint.

I start feeling a bit “blue” this time of year knowing that summer will be ending soon!  Yet, I do look forward to cooler days as the “greens” start to fade into the golden colors of Fall.

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday, friends – EnJOY the colors of your day!  🙂

16 responses to “Blue And Greens

  1. I like the colors a lot and I like the way your haiku dances across the waves:-)

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  2. So beautiful and so depicts the feelings you are expressing. Love it!!

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  3. The way the green trees reflect on the water is wonderful. You’ve captured the feeling in your illustrated poem! (K)

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  4. That is a very special work of art. Great to see how inspiration from nature works for you. Thank you for sharing! Johanna

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  5. Your restful color and words are bringing a good start to the weekend. Thanks for posting these images today.

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  6. Painting for Joy

    Love this!!! I just love the emerald green colors on the lake from the reflections of trees! Can’t believe summer is nearly over. One can see fall beginning already in the brush turning orange. But look at the explosion of color we will soon get to paint!! 👍🏻👏🏻💓

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    • Hi Rhonda! Summer goes so fast! 😎 Probably because it’s my favorite season. 😉💙 We will be closing up at the lake next month. Yet, I do look forward to fall and its glorious colors! 🍂💛🎨

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  7. The blues and greens in the photo and the artwork are both soothing!

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  8. Gorgeousness!! And in my two favorite colors!! 😍

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