Seed Pods And Sunsets

I finished my mixed media art piece that I started last week.  If you recall, I was influenced by a photo I took of a Lupine flower’s seed pods. The last progress photo that I showed you is on the left or here, next to the completed piece on the right:

I like how the added collage papers (printed on my Gelli-Plate) give it more depth.  I added a few more patterns with a white gel pen too.  I plan on framing this one!  🙂

We’ve been having some awesome sunsets which I appreciate even more because we have several wildfires burning in our area.  When we have clear skies, it is a definite reason to celebrate:



May these beautiful sunsets inspire you in your art like a simple seed pod did for me.

Cheers!  🙂

20 responses to “Seed Pods And Sunsets

  1. A gorgeous work of art. It will be so stunning framed! The colors are just magnificent. What size is it? Do you see the sweet smiling face I do? Like a little fairy among the flowers. 😊. Those sunset skies are wowsers too.

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  2. I love this piece and your choice of colors. The white gel pen is a nice touch. It will look so good framed. I never get tired of looking at sunsets. The days are starting to get longer a sign that summer is leaving us.

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  3. I loved watching your process and your finished product, it is definitely frame-worthy. 🙂 I shared your posts about this piece with my daughter. She is starting back to art with an abstract and I knew that this post would inspire her. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind next.

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    • Thank you, Margaret! 😄 Nice to know that my art can inspire your daughter. 💕🎨 Abstract art is a good place to begin. I’d imagine it is wonderful to be able to share the love of art with your daughter. 😍


  4. This simply incredible 😍 I love your mixed media art 💜 also colors and composition too! Ahh what a lovely sunset 😍

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  5. Wow! This turned out great!!! 😍 Glad you’re pleased with it! You should be… it’s gorgeous!

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  6. Your blog is always inspiring to me Jill, your enthusiasm is contagious! xo Johanna

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  7. Jill this is so beautiful I would love to see it framed. Those images bring a feeling of calm thank you. I am about to start a botanical watercolour class on Craftsy I hope I can bring some extra depth into my bird sketches with a few branches of blossoms etc but I am not patient with detail. Love the colours you have chosen also.

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    • I find the colors calming too. 😍 I will post it after I frame it. ❤️ Your class sounds fun! Some days I’m not patient will details either. Yet, I do find that watercolor forces me to slow down and it becomes almost like a meditative practice for me. Just remember to breathe!! 🎨😉 Sound simple but it really helps me! Thank you as always for your kind comments! 💜

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  8. PS have not had the time to do much art and so inspiration lags, but I know one thing…… if I visit your site it all comes flooding back. Thank you, I just wanted you to know that. Have a great day.

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