Life Is A … Jigsaw Puzzle!

Do you ever feel like you get all the jigsaw pieces to fit together in a nice, neat little picture and then someone comes along and disturbs it… and all your pieces go flying!!  😉

You are left in a scramble like these scraps of paper:


I started by randomly gluing scraps of my Gelli-prints with a glue stick to a piece of paper like I did here.

There is something rewarding to just laying out your pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.  Maybe it is the anticipation in solving the puzzle?  🙂

I then use a pencil to accent each shape and a blending stick to blend the pencil to give the shape dimension.  As you can see I am about halfway done in this photo:


This is not a fast process – kind of like searching for that end piece in ALL those 5000 puzzle pieces!  But it helps me process information.  It gives me time to think about my options…


My puzzle is complete although it looks totally messy.  Kind of like life I guess…

Sometimes life’s puzzle pieces fit together easily and other times nothing seems to connect!  But you just keep looking for the pieces because you know there is a bigger picture in the end.

Cheers Friends!  🙂

14 responses to “Life Is A … Jigsaw Puzzle!

  1. this is lovely Jill! love the colors and pathways, the negative spaces…. great designing!
    I like these challenges, these ‘artistic puzzles’ that make us think!

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  2. This image immediately attracted me in the Reader. Love the texture and the layering. And philosophy too. (K)

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  3. Fun and exciting to look at, love the colors!

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  4. Very beautiful to look at! Hope you are feeling s little less scrambled and some of the pieces come together. 😘

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  5. Nice puzzle Jill. Life is one big jumbled puzzle and all we can do is try and make the pieces fit. I like that scenario.

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  6. This is fabulous! Love all the colors and pieces…and wonderful message to ponder too! 😍

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