Cheers To You!

I created this picture totally with my Gelli prints:


I used one print to cut out the wine bottle, glass and cheese and another print as a background.  I added a little pencil shading around these shapes.

This was totally unplanned!  I wanted to show it to you framed but it didn’t quite fit in the mat:


I’m learning a lot about framing my own artwork and hope that I can share some of this information with you in the future.

I plan to take the weekend off from my blog as it is a 3-day holiday weekend in the states.

So I wanted to wish you some good cheer!  🙂

Happy Creating!

33 responses to “Cheers To You!

  1. This is super. I love the depth of color you have achieved.

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  2. Looking good. Enjoy your weekend Jill! (K)

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  3. Fun!! Did you get a mat cutter?

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  4. so stylish!!! have a great weekend!

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  5. Love the colors! enjoy your holiday!

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  6. How creative! I love this. Gelli printing is so much fun. I also enjoy playing around with my Gelli plates.

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  7. This is so stunning my dear friend! You are so talented 😍 I love this one so much! Cheers! Oh yes enjoy your long weekend!

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  8. Beautiful. Enjoy your little break, I think we should always try to take a break from writing or drawing in your case, good for the body.

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  9. Hi Jill! I have nominated your blog as a recipient of the Liebster Award! You can see my post and the directions about following up should you choose on my blog!

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  10. love it! gelli prints are great. and you have come so far so fast Jill, its amazing = this is a fabulous artwork. great work!

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  11. This is fabulous, Jill!! 😍Cheers!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

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