Birch Tree Inspired

I remember the big white Paper Birch tree that my parents planted in their front yard.  As kids, we took its lovely shade and beautiful white bark for granted.  It was a shame when it became diseased and had to be chopped down.

I planted a River Birch in my yard a few years ago.  It is supposed to be more resistant to disease.  It has a light pink bark that peels.  I love how it dances in the wind like yesterday when I snapped this photo.  It’s leaves are starting to change from green to gold and look dazzling against this brilliant blue sky:


It was my inspiration to play with patterns in one of my sketchbooks.

I started with loose sketches of leaves in Neocolors (water soluble crayons) and then painted yellow india ink over the leaves.  I also added a blue background with the india ink – using Dr. Ph. Martin’s colored ink.  I have never “painted” ink on before – how fun!


I finished it by gluing some of my Gelli-printed deli paper on top with a glue stick:


It was very relaxing to just “play” and I encourage you to give it a try!  🙂

Did you have a favorite tree when you were a child?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Experimenting!  🙂

15 responses to “Birch Tree Inspired

  1. wonderful color combos, Jill! hope to hear more explorations with colored india inks!

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  2. I like this. I think you caught the delicacy and liveliness of this tree. We have a birch in our front yard. Every day I greet that tree! Graceful in all seasons.

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  3. Beautiful inspiration Jill. My grandma had a big maple in her yard that provided hours of summer fun. Climbing, playing under its shade. Raking and jumping in its leaves. Thanks for causing me to pause and reflect on sweet memories. ❤️🍁

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  4. We have planted several trees including a heritage birch! The most sentimental trees to me are the pink dogwoods out front. They were in bloom the first time we looked at our house – when I was pregnant with our first child. The tree that reminds me of my childhood is the weeping willow. The neighbor had one that grew over the fence into our yard. 😀

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  5. Beautiful colors…and what a sky! Yes, trees definitely dance.
    What I remember from childhood is the sound of acorns falling onto the roof…we had oaks in our yard. I have a Rose of Sharon now, and I love that it blooms all summer long. (K)

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    • What a great memory of falling acorns on your roof, Kerfe. We have a beautiful oak tree planted in our backyard but it hasn’t produced any acorns. I’d love it if it did – something fun to paint! Lol! 😃 Rose of Sharon are so pretty! It would be wonderful to have something bloom all summer. 💕🌸

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  6. Lovely, Jill. My fav are the pink flowering ones in the spring back up north where I lived for many years…

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  7. Gorgeous colors… I love the extreme contrast and pop of the ink! Really nice! 😍


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