Jakob Cats

Introducing Jakob Cats – A Dutch Poet for today’s Whimsical Wednesday story:



Who is the REAL Jakob Cats?  And why is this his favorite dish?



Here is my story…

Jakob Cats was known as “Father Cats” because of his love of cats.  Jakob took in many stray cats during his lifetime that kept him company while he wrote his poetry.  At one time, Mr. Cats owned over 30 cats at once!  :-0

Having owned so many cats, Mr. Cats started to look like a cat himself.  He grew several face whiskers extra long and painted the end of his nose a light pink color.

Mr. Cats recently purchased a new “calico” coat with a matching hat that looked like cat ears.  He wore it to his mother’s home when she made him his favorite birthday dinner, “Veal Stew with Prunes.”  He was the cat’s meow in his mother’s eyes.

Now it is your turn to tell a story!  I hope that you have fun giving it your own creative spin!  I’d love if you shared it with me!

Happy tales to you!  🙂

11 responses to “Jakob Cats

  1. Such a cute story ms CREATIVITY!!

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    • Thanks Jodi! 🐱 I had fun! 😄 I have a big old book of names so I found his name in there. I created the collage first so it was a fun challenge for me to try to connect it all together. 😉 Some of those old recipes are a hoot to me like this one. 😯 Enjoy your day! 💕🌈

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  2. So fun to get together with you. Also I feel like I get to be with you every day when I visit your blog. Good to read about Jakob. Love you, jill


  3. Spectacular hat! The Cats in the Hats…(K)

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  4. This is awesome!! I keep wanting to come back and add a story, but never have time… UGH! But LOVE it! 😍

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  5. Fun and creative you never stop amazing me Jill. Sorry too early in the morn for my brain to work, got no stories, they usually arrive whilst driving in my car.

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