Scrappy Cats

It is fun to create animals with scrap pieces of paper.  These cat shapes I did with scraps of gelli-printed papers and text from old books:


I added some pencil shading and a few finishing touches:


Do you have a favorite?  I hope you share it with me!  🙂

And here is a photo of my happy cat, Jack from this summer – lying in the cool grass:


Hope you are having a lazy cat kind of day!

Cheers Friends!!  🙂

21 responses to “Scrappy Cats

  1. Love these! Mt favorite is scaredy cat.

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  2. oh my goodness! these are gorgeous 🙂 cats… are a never ending source of fun, inspiration and entertainment – I love how you combined them all Jill !

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  3. So cute! I think cat nap is my fave. ☺️

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  4. Artful Aspirations

    Too adorable! And hello Jack! 🙂

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  5. Thanks Ash! 😍 Do you have any furry friends in your life? 🐱💜🐾


  6. Love it. Especially the chameleon cat (surprise jump?)!

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  7. Jill, this is SUCH a cool idea! I think my favorite would have to be “cat nap.” 😀 Fun work!

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  8. Awww these are so much fun!! Love them!! 😍

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  9. Sneaky Pete expression is the best and I like lounging Betty .. You kitty is cute, I Love cats!

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