One Last Big Splash!

We are having unusually warm weather this week.  When I was outside yesterday, I heard a lot of bird chirping going on…


It seems the birds were enjoying one last big splash in the bird bath!

I hope this gives you a smile today…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday, Friends!  🙂

24 responses to “One Last Big Splash!

  1. So funky! Thanks for the bird fun

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  2. O M G. these are so so so so cute. One of my all time faves Jill. What a fun bunch of characters. I can’t even pick a favorite as they are all so darn adorable!! ❤️💜💙💛💚

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  3. So much personality! You could illustrate a book!

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  4. I love your birds! so comical and full of lively expressions. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for these cuties! I had to laugh and that was much needed today:-)

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  6. I am smiling and laughing too. Thank you Jill!

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  7. Heheeh cutest birds ever 😍Thanks so much Jill! Super fun!

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  8. They’re delightful! Children’s book worthy delightful!

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  9. Soooo cute!! That looks like my bird bath! What… yellow poke a dot dikini?? Sure looks like a splashing good time!

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  10. Artful Aspirations

    Too cute!!!! 🙂

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