Your Art Is Uniquely YOU!

I think it is so AMAZING how we each create art in our own style!   Your art and journey is uniquely you, my friend!  🙂

I decided to add a little of my “unique” art INSIDE my art journal that I am making.  I copied this doodle that I completed previously.  Trimmed it to the size I wanted and glued it inside my front cover:


I added my own lettering and collage from an old dictionary.  I also wanted a place to document when I started my journey in this art journal and when I will complete it.

I do believe we can add a little bit of ourselves to every journal we create!  It doesn’t have to be handmade… store bought is fine too!  It doesn’t have to be an ART journal, it can be any kind of journal such as a written diary.  Yet, you can make it YOUR OWN by adding a little bit of you to the inside cover.  (Note:  I suggest the inside covers as you don’t have to show it to anyone else unless you want to!)

And the back inside cover too!  Here is a quote I liked that I had in a rubber stamp:


Here are some ideas to personalize the inside covers of your journals:

  • Copy your own artwork and glue to the inside cover page
  • Type a favorite quote on the computer and paste it inside
  • Use a rubber stamped image or words
  • Collage images from a magazine with a glue stick
  • Doodle with a ink pen
  • Experiment with drawing the letters of your name
  • Choose a favorite photo of you or some place or someone you love

I hope you give one of these ideas a try for your own journals!  I’d love to hear YOUR ideas too!

Happy Creating!!  🙂

P.S. A Handmade Journal – Part 3 with be completed next week so stay tuned!  😉

14 responses to “Your Art Is Uniquely YOU!

  1. That sounds wonderful! Even better than scrapbooking.

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  2. lovely – you are so uniquely lovely you – and I love that quote!

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  3. Great ideas – so creative and inspirational!

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  4. Thank you for those ideas! By the way, what paper did you use on this cover?

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  6. Artful Aspirations

    Such a beautiful idea!!!! Turned out stunning

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