Power Surges

As I started to write this post, we had a power surge and the paper shredder (that hasn’t been used in months!) decided to turn on loudly!  The only way to stop the noise was to unplug it!  Pretty weird!  😉

It reminds me of creating art.  Sometimes I have my own “power surges!”  Lol!  When I don’t think I have enough time to create art, I somehow find the TIME!  And I start creating MORE art!

Today’s art is inspired by my annual flowers (before Jack Frost!) and my Crapapple tree as it begins to change to it’s autumn dress:

I drew a pattern in my sketchbook first with Micron .08 black pen and then painted it with gouache paint.

Do you think it’s done?  I’m not sure…  I think it may need another layer of color.

Happy Creating!!  🙂

17 responses to “Power Surges

  1. Ooh I love it just the way it is. Funny paper shredder. I’m surprised it didn’t rampage around the house.

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  2. The paper shredder would have scared the heck out of me, at least for a moment :). I like your painting very much! I wonder how it would look if you did another layer on only certain leaves or maybe with just one of the colors. Could make some cool contrast. Happy weekend!!! 🍁🍂

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  3. I like Carol’s idea and yet I really like the clean and colorful approach, I say leave it but I still like Carol’s idea, so I am undecided! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  4. It is beautiful. Could be done. Or you could jilly it up. 😉. Do what makes your heart sing.

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  5. Such a lovely fresh drawing, it really gives the feel of your garden. If I may add an opinion, I think some more line work, perhaps a few tendril or unpainted leaves just to mix it up, but really it is great as it is. Karen

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  6. Hmm….extra layer or not? I too am undecided as I like both the pen line version and the colored version.

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  7. Artful Aspirations

    Lovely lovely!!!!! 🙂

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