Feeling Fallish

October.  I love this time of year as the leaves seem to change colors on a daily basis.

Mother Nature seems to have her own magical paintbrush!  I look out my kitchen window and see golden yellows, burnt oranges, olive greens and cheery reds blended with touches of purple every now and then!  🙂

Like these photos and a haiku –

A blushing blueberry,


A Crabapple’s golden show,


Fall beauty is here!


Wishing you a Sunny Sunday, Friends!  🙂

And perhaps a little time to marvel at Mother Nature’s artwork…


18 responses to “Feeling Fallish

  1. Stunning images! My favourite season for painting!

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  2. Stunning beauty of nature caught by your magnificent eye for color. 🍁☀️

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  3. Lovely! My dog is waiting patiently for a walk whileI watch theGrand Prix but worse than that my youngest needs to wake up. Enormous liein this morning.

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  4. October’s colors are great, aren’t they! Love your photos 🙂

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  5. I adore Fall! love your photos!

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  6. Beautiful colors. Our leaves haven’t started turning just yet.

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  7. Artful Aspirations

    Beautiful fall photos!!!! 🙂


  8. Here we have gone from green to yellow or brown with little or no color to appreciate. One has to look, hard. Fall seems to have arrived without warning.

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