Terrific Trees

I was experimenting yesterday with different art mediums to create these trees:

I masked off the background with masking tape and then used salt over Dr. Ph Martin’s India ink.  I also used Pan Pastels on them.

Not all my experiments turned out.  Like the above one on the left where I used glass bead gel and India ink.  It didn’t want to dry.  But I still kind of like it.

The one next to it, I used matte medium, masked it off and used watercolor then salt.  And finished it with the pan pastels after I rubbed off the salt.  I like its softer feel.

Speaking of trees, I am amazed how much my Red Maple tree has changed color since I posted a photo of it here, last Sunday:


Red Maple a blaze,

Dazzling like a sunset

Fall’s color display.

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday, Friends!  🙂

17 responses to “Terrific Trees

  1. Love them! Have a great day.

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  2. Such creative beauty!!

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  3. Love your experimentation, I really like the bottom right one, a very misty and “almost there” look.

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  4. These are wonderful! Love how daring you are with trying new things… and the results are awesome! 😍(and kind of jealous of your red maple… leaves have yet to turn here yet! hehe)

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    • Thanks Charlie! 😄 It was great fun to experiment without expectations, kind of like being a kid again I guess. 😍 And yes, our trees are changing quickly here and are stunning – just think of all the beauty you have to look forward to! 🍂🍁🌻

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  5. Artful Aspirations

    So lovely!

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  6. The Red Maple Leaves are so Pretty. You can make a crown out of it and draw a little girl wearing a crown of Red Maple leaves.

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  7. Very short and sweet poem.
    Red Maple leaves are so pretty. Why don’t you make a delicate crown of these leaves on a little girl’s head. It will kook very pretty.

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