Bright And Bold

I started two flower paintings on canvas yesterday.  I thought you might enjoy seeing the beginning stages.

I enjoyed adding texture to my first layer using a natural sea sponge.  After the first layer dried, I drew a quick sketch in pencil and then painted around my shapes.

Here is the first one:

And my bright and bold second one:

I didn’t have to work yesterday so I painted most of the day.  It was AWESOME!!  A great thing to do on a rainy day.  I look forward to having more time to finish them this weekend.

Have a Fabulous Friday!!

Cheers!  🙂

32 responses to “Bright And Bold

  1. love watching the process! Acrylics or watercolor?

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  2. Gorgeous , its like looking through windows with frost on it. Love it!

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  3. Artful Aspirations

    Beautiful colors! These are looking amazing!

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  4. I really like were you are going with these. So glad you had a day off!

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  5. The perfect thing to do on a rainy day Jill! Beautiful bold colors to brighten our day too.

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  6. Very unique… the color and experimentation… favorite is the first one. We are now having rains and looking forward to painting and some down time.

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  7. Beautiful! I love your style so much.

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  8. These are so fun! I especially like the bold one!

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  9. Exciting to read about your process and see your work in progress. The colors and glow – I feel love that about these.

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  11. Thanks for sharing your process colorful and bold beginnings!!

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