Painting Progress

I’m making progress on the two acrylic flower paintings on canvas that I started last week that you can find, here.

I’m adding details with soft pastels which is a fairly new medium for me.  But first, I added a layer of Liquitex clear gesso over the acrylic painting.  It is like a pastel ground.  It dries clear but feels a little like sandpaper to the touch.  Without it, the pastels aren’t as vibrant.

Here is my liquid lava one:

And the more subdued one:

I’m not sure if they are done.  I will let them rest a few days to see how I feel about them.  If I am done, I will spray them with a fixative.

Take time to smell some flowers today – if only in your imagination!  🙂

20 responses to “Painting Progress

  1. Stunningly beautiful!

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  2. Oooh… I like them both!

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  3. beautiful! I especially love the second one…..I so want to try this method out, I like to work on sanded paper with pastels.

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    • Thanks Margaret! 😍 How do you sand your paper in pastels? And do you use soft pastels? I’m using some inexpensive chalk ones and Rembrandt soft pastels – half sticks that I love! I’m also curious what fixative do you like to use so you don’t loose your vibrancy of the pastels? I found a natural fixative – Spectra Fix that works well to preserve the colors but then I’m thinking I need to spray with an another fixative that provides UV protection, correct? Thanks for your help! 💖 (And if I’ve asked you these questions before, I apologize. My old brain doesn’t retain information like it used to!) 😉

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      • I use papers that are already sanded. I know there are artists out there that will do their own boards/papers but I figure by the time I purchase the items and substrate and the labor involved, I am not saving any money. Here is a link to where I have bought most of my pastel supplies.
        I usually don’t use fixative because the sanded paper helps with that but I know some framers won’t touch a pastel unless you do. My framer doesn’t require that I do but one of these days I know he will retire and well, I might have to start. I have Spectra Fix but I haven’t got to the point of making a habit of using it. I do like the fact that it doesn’t change the color at all but it seems to spit and I don’t like that. I don’t worry about UV protection because I think that a pastel has to be in direct sunlight to be damage by the UV and since I don’t ever allow paintings to be exposed to sunlight, I know I am safe in that regard. Rembrants are wonderful, they were my first pastels. You might want to get a medium and a soft selection of pastels. On that link I gave you they have a list of their pastels according to very hard to the very softest. I have Rembrandts, Unison, Great American, Mount Vision, Terry Ludwig, Girault and I think that’s it….so far! I have one Sennelier….lol I know….one! but that is because they are so soft that they crumble easily and that is too soft for me. I am an aggressive painter and the only one I have is their purest white for my river scenes. When I use it I am very, very gentle with it and it still crumbles on me! I don’t mind questions, so feel free to ask away. I am so excited that you are getting into pastels, they are very unique and fun. The vibrancy is second to none, in my opinion.

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      • Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to answer my questions, Margaret! I appreciate the info!! 💜🎨 I will check out your link. There is so much to learn – it’s so exciting!! 😊

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  4. They are beautiful! You are wise doing them in stages. Wish I had your patience.

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  5. Very beautiful, Jill! I really like the second one, the colours are indeed so very vibrant.

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  6. I’m totally loving liquid lava!! Wowser! The color is fabulous and dramatic! 😍The the subdued is, of course, very lovely!

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  7. Beautifully done Jill 😍Very inspiring! I want to try it too

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  8. The orange just pops! The colours bring such joy on my grey Sunday morning, you bring me the spring that has not arrived here yet Jill.

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