Sir Earhand, A Ghost And Frank

I carved my pumpkin yesterday and named him, Sir Earhand – The Great Pumpkin! 


I’m not sure if he has ears or hands!  Lol!  I had fun carving him and look forward to roasting pumpkin seeds in the oven.

I found this old photo of me as a ghost (I’m almost 2 years old) with my older sis, a black cat.  🙂


And perhaps you remember, Frank from last Halloween?

Wishing you a Happy Halloween, friends!  🙂

19 responses to “Sir Earhand, A Ghost And Frank

  1. oH how adorable! Jilly the friendly ghost! Love that photo!!!! And awesome pumpkin too! Happy halloween Jill!

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  2. You were and still are sooo cute!

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  3. You went to the great pumpkin patch too!! Love love love Sir Earhand! Have the happiest Halloween Ever!

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  4. That’s adorable! Happy Halloween, Jill 🎃

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  5. Great name for a great pumpkin 😀Happy Halloween

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  6. Sir Earhand is a cool looking pumpkin. What an adorable memory of your past. I was usually dressed up as my brother fondly puts it, “a wrecked up princess”. When we were children it was up to us to find something from around the house to use as a costume. Imagination was an asset.

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  7. Awesome pumpkin!! hehe… So cool!! And you are the cutest little ghost in the world!!! Love that pic! 💕😃

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  8. Artful Aspirations

    Sir Earhand is too cute!!!! 🙂

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