Good Gourd!

I was inspired by the gourds I saw on Sunday:


To create this “Autumn Winged Variety” bird:

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday, Friends!!  🙂

One never knows where inspiration will inspire you… Lol!

19 responses to “Good Gourd!

  1. I love your creative inspiration. It inspires me!!!

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  2. A true artist’s eye..this is lovely work!!as always;o)

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  3. Love it! And the picture makes me want to dig out one of the kid’s old “I Spy” books!

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  4. Oh my goodness! How clever. Amazing where ones inspiration comes from.

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  5. This one is super awesome 😀😎 Happy Wednesday to you too friend!

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  6. Fantastically imaginative! 💙

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  7. You amaze me what come up with for art. Very pleasing.

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  8. So fun, Jill! 😍

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  9. Love this bird, but even more so how you found it! It brought a smile to my face. Sorry for not being around much on your blog. I will be back!

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