Fiddle Faddle

I’ve been trying to put the finishing colors on my doodle that I started awhile ago in my art journal.

It reminds me of the popcorn you can buy in the store called, Fiddle Faddle.  The popcorn and peanuts are covered with gooey caramel.  Yum!   Like the popcorn, I have a difficult time leaving my doodle alone.  I keep “fiddling” with it!

Here are some of the supplies I used on this doodle:


I started with watercolor but then tried gouache, Tombow markers, Inktense pencils, watercolor pencils and Prismacolor pencils.  😉

I learned a lot from my experiment with different mediums.  I learned NOT to use a water brush as I don’t have any control with it.  (I can’t stay within the lines).  I struggled with the Inktense pencils to get them to blend with other mediums.

I also learned to trust my instincts when it came to color and NOT coloring every doodle!  I hope you check out Annie Glacken’s doodles here that she did recently in watercolor.  My favorite is her Hummingbird!  🙂

You may recall my doodle progress where I last left off that you can find here.

Here is the completion of this doodle:


I tried to vary my color by creating depth and movement in my patterns.  I would love to know what you think!

Happy creating!!  🙂

25 responses to “Fiddle Faddle

  1. I really love this – the swirls and twists and the colours are delicious! 🙂

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  2. This is great – the pattern is interesting (lots to look at) and the colouring is soft and pretty 🙂

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  3. Wonderful doodle! You have lots of contrast too which is something I need to work on.

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  4. You would be great at creating one of those adult coloring books that people go crazy about!

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  5. Wow Jill! Such amazing patterns, color, depth, detail!!! Amazing!!!

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  6. Thanks for the link Jill!

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  7. Love the twists and curls 🎨 Nice to see the art supply collection!

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  8. It looks like colorful DNA that surely is inside all artists. 🎨

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  9. It´s beautiful, Jill! Love the colors you used and the whites in between just make it even prettier! ❤️👍

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  10. Really beautiful Jill! I love making swirls too. I’d love to see this up close. To see the colors and the pattern. Wow.

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  11. This is gorgeous!!! 😍Love it!!

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