Looking For Stars

Do you ever have days (or weeks) when you are looking for stars like this quote I found on the internet?

“When it rains, look for rainbows… when it’s dark, look for stars.”  – Unknown


Perhaps those who need a burden or two lifted from their shoulders can SEE the pink STAR flower in this drawing…

May this drawing from my imagination bring you HOPE for tomorrow!


11 responses to “Looking For Stars

  1. beautiful – and I LOVE that quote!!!! ❤

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  2. Beautiful colours and sense of energy and movement in this artwork, Jill.

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  3. So fun I have found almost all of the alphabet ! I know if I look long enough I would!! So fun! Love the colors! This reminds me of spring!! Only 17 weeks away! Wahooo!

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  4. Thanks Jill. There are those days sometimes. Knee problems not going away soon enough. When I feel sad, I will know where to look for a star now. 🙂

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