Maple Trees

I have always loved maple trees – their sturdy branches, autumn display, not to mention their lovely leaf shape!

I planted a Maple tree a few years ago and was recently inspired by its leaves in my yard:

To create this collage last week in my art journal:


I used a copy of an old photo of someone I didn’t know, a song from a children’s songbook, my Gelli-printed deli paper, a Maple leaf rubber stamp and an actual Maple leaf to create a cut-out of a leaf with handmade marbled paper I purchased.

It looks to me like this little boy would love to be climbing a Maple tree or swinging from its branches on a swing!

Wishing you a happy day with sweet memories from your childhood!  🙂

21 responses to “Maple Trees

  1. Beautiful images, love the photograph of all the leaves and the multicolored long grasses. The collage is fantastic, sparks the imagination for story-telling…great piece.

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  2. a really beautiful collage and the partly muted colors fit so well!

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  3. Maple trees and their leaves are inspiring. Love your collage Jill.

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  4. so sweet! I have a “maple” leaf post scheduled for this week too. Love it when our thoughts align 🙂 ❤

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  5. Wow! Love the maple leaf pattern! wonderful click Jill 😍 What beautiful collage you have made Jill 💜

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  6. It’s beautiful,Jill! I’ve been wondering if there’s any copyright issues with printing off music from internet. I guess if it’s just a couple of lines it’s okay right?

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  7. Very nice I enjoy the layering of images and texture created! ✨👍🏻

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