5 Basic Shapes

I’m taking an online Paper Collage class from Dar James, hosted by Carla Sonheim.  One of our assignments is to create three collages using the five basic shapes:  Square, triangle, circle, oval and rectangle.

Using old magazines and a glue stick, I created these tulips:


A Picnic Ant


And houses on stilts from my imagination:


These were so much fun to create.  I suggest you give it a try!

Happy Monday!  🙂

21 responses to “5 Basic Shapes

  1. Artful Aspirations

    All came out wonderful! I love the picnic ant! 🙂

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  2. that is so cool Jill! and I love these kinds of ‘playful projects’… love those houses 🙂 cheers, Debi

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  3. You are so amazingly creative. These blow me away!

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    • Thanks do much, Jodi! 😍 You know how much I like to do collage! 🎨 Fun to cut colors, shapes and patterns from old magazines and make a picture from it! Seems so basic but it really sparks the imagination! 🌈🌟


  4. Completely charming, especially the houses on stilts, Jill!

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  5. Fun. I really like the houses!

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  6. You all ready know I love the bird houses but those tulips are pretty darn special too. Way to go Jill!! 🙂

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  7. All are adorable! Go, JIll!

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