It’s A Wrap!

It was relaxing to play in my art journal yesterday.  I started with a grid.  Added a little color with a stencil and leftover gouache paints.  Next, I glued scraps of my Gelli-printed deli paper and lastly, I added acrylics with stencils and some handmade stamps!

I think it would make great wrapping paper for a gift, don’t you?!


Happy Monday!  🙂

23 responses to “It’s A Wrap!

  1. Love it! So interesting to look at.

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  2. Yes, surely it would be best for Gift Wrapping. You are extremely Talented Jill.

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  3. It would be a gift in itself!!! 🙂 ❤

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  4. What fun to come back to a grid! (K)

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  5. That’s really nice and I think would make a lovely bolt or two of fabric!

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  6. I love it, Jill! So eye-catching!

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  7. They are very refreshing, all these beautiful colors needed after a long break. Happy Monday to you too Jill!

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    • It was done in my art journal but it gives me ideas for future projects. Happy you like it, Claudia! 😃 Have you done collages on a grid before?


      • Yes, in different ways. I am drawn to making things square up (the only exception being how much I also like circles). I like order and things fitting, and so grids satisfy that, I think. Plus, I also like the juxtapositions that can occur by accident in collage and the contrast with the order of a grid. In painting, I also love painting checkerboards and I find them in lots of my work (usually a floor, wall, etc) but sometimes I have filled in trees and so on with the grid.

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      • Yes, I do like circles too but as you explained the juxtaposition is a wonderful surprise in collage that I so enjoy! Creating in a grid format also reminds me of a puzzle and I love puzzles! Thank you for taking the time to reply! 😍🎨👍

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  8. It’s beautiful, Jill! And I want you to know how much I enjoy checking in on your blog…such fun to see a variety of your wonderful artwork!

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