A Snow Globe?

I recently learned how to make handmade stamps using Adhesive Foam Sheets.  I will post how I made them soon!

These are the 2 handmade stamps I used for today’s project:img_9028

And here are my results in my art journal:


I varied the colors of acrylic paints and added a little iridescent gold to the paints…

I finished it by gluing circles of gelli-printed deli paper and adding some purchased snowflake stamps:


It looks a little like a snow globe to me!  I was inspired by a post I did a year ago, The Snow Fell Softly, that you can find here.

Wishing you a Fabulous Friday, Friends!!  🙂

19 responses to “A Snow Globe?

  1. Fun! So glad you continue to find time for the art that fills your heART!❤️

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  2. You just gave me a great idea for Christmas cards…thanks! Very cool. N.

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  3. Marvellous! I’m going to have a go

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  4. Love the layers. (K)

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  5. Artful Aspirations

    Turned out lovely! Definitely reminds me of a beautiful wintry day!!!

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  6. Beautiful! I’d love to know how to make stamps. I cansee a sheep one in my future.

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  7. Great work Jill! I really like the color palette

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  8. I love this festive pattern! Beautiful.

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