Sugar Cookie Sprinkles

Last December I posted about my childhood memories of baking sugar cookies with my mom.  You can see the “star” doodle I created for this previous post, here.

We added lots of candy sprinkles to the cut-out sugar cookies we made.  The more sugar…uh, I mean, color the better!!  Right?!

I tried to create the candy sprinkles in this handmade stamp which looks like it was dipped into frosting!  Lol!  🙂  Honestly, it was only acrylic paint!


I then cut simple shapes (using stencils) that look a little like cookie dough to me (gelli-printed papers):


And added my colored “candy sprinkles” stamp to them with acrylic paint with a little glitter on top:


I think this would be a fun project to do with children!  And of course, you need REAL sugar cookies to enjoy while making these paper ones!

Cheers!!  🙂

P.S.  Eileen McKenna at My Creative Resolution has created a daily art prompt for the countdown to Christmas.  I hope you join in the fun!  I like that ALL art mediums are welcome… Today’s prompt is Cookies.  Use hashtag #adventmcr when posting.

18 responses to “Sugar Cookie Sprinkles

  1. Patricia G Bleecher

    Neat idea Jill…love your sprinkles stamp!

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  2. Fun art cookies!!!!!

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  3. Amazing as usual Jill 😍 I’m a big fan of your creativity dear friend 💕

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  4. Lovely, fun, and the calorie count …perfect!

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  5. Awesome cookies 🙂
    I love the stamp idea !

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  6. I first thought those cookies were white chocolate with some kind of nuts and then I thought, mmmm, that looks really yummy! Well – I was wrong… But they look yummy anyway! 😊 Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season, Jill!!! 🎄

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  8. Love your sprinkle cookies Jill! Thanks for the shout out. 😀

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