What Rhymes With Weird?!


And since today is Weird Bird Wednesday…


I have a Bearded Hat Fish to help give you a smile!  🙂

Did you know that there really is a Beard Fish?  Of course, it looks nothing like mine!  Lol!

Just thought if you were fishing for some fun, I’d throw this fish into the pond!


24 responses to “What Rhymes With Weird?!

  1. I like him — Especially the red hat!

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  2. Adorable!!! Though a little “fishy!” Lol!!!! 😝

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  3. I’ve never seen a fish so weird
    With a fancy hat and a funky beard
    It caught me off guard, but when my thoughts had cleared
    I laughed out loud then stood and cheered!

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  4. Nice one, Jill! It really makes me 🙂

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  5. Gosh you make me laugh its a gift you have through your art Jill, he’s wonderful!

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  6. Heheh his hat and beard maid me smile 😀 oh yes and it looks like he is staring at you and smiling at the same time 😀 🐟

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  7. Great artwork, thanks for the smile with a giggle.

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  8. Most delightful! Charming indeed! Cheerio!

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