Do You See What I See?

I started this watercolor abstract in my art journal last week, you can see it here.

I wanted to experiment and add texture so I drew several circles with a black pen.  Next, I added clear gesso to the middles of my circles.  I finished by drawing around the color changes within my circles  with a white charcoal pencil.

I think it now looks like torn pieces of paper in a collage.  It is fun to look at it from different angles:

Right side up and upside down:

And sideways – one:


And two:


I see fish and mountains…

Do you see what I see?

Happy Monday!  🙂

19 responses to “Do You See What I See?

  1. I see beautiful Christmas baubles…or did I have too much eggnog ? ;o) Great work on color, shape and form!! xo Johanna

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  2. So beautiful, Jill! 💜

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  3. to me – it resonates a childhood birthday party with brightly colored confetti and balloons and blowing bubbles. It makes me smile and feel happy! 🙂

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  4. This is wonderful! I love it at every angle! 😍The colors are so much fun… I definitely think of chasing bubbles on a summer day!

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  5. Beautiful…..I love them in all angles and for me, I am not one to pick out shapes or what I visually see but rather the feeling or essence and I see, joy of life and happiness. Cheers!

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  6. I love these colourful and vibrant abstracts, Jill! They are so full of movement and pure joy! I see worlds within worlds.

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  7. So fun and love the colors! There are so many pictures. Toooo many to list..but my favorites…Mickey mouse, snowmen, soccer player, birds, swimmer, someone sitting on the ground with a dog on the lap, that’s my favorite! Thanks for an eye catching good time!

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  8. Love your art–I’ve always envied people with your talent, even though I have my own: writing…and I’m a pretty good cook 🙂

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