This Little Light Of Mine

This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine!!

Isn’t wonder to be different!  Just like these trees…


As Taylor Swift says, “Your lucky enough to be different, never change.”

And my favorite quote:  “The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – Winnie The Pooh

Celebrating the things that make each of us unique! 

Cheers!!  🙂

16 responses to “This Little Light Of Mine

  1. Love those trees. They are so Jilly! Don’t change the way you are!! ❤

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  2. It is so liberating to be who God made us to be instead of trying to fit into some other mold!

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  3. Exactly! I love the verse to the song “This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine!!” that you included. One of my favorites and first song that I remember from Sunday school. 🙂 thank you Jill for that reminder to be uniquely us! Merry Christmas by the way!

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  4. Thank goodness we are all unique – otherwise the world would be so boring. Jill, your painting and trees exude happiness and joy. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to express these feelings through creativity? Merry Christmas, my friend.

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  5. Fabulous!! Each one special and uniquely beautiful! 😍And seriously… Pooh is so wise, love that quote!

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  6. “This little light of mine… I’m going to let it shine!!”
    Love those trees 😍

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  7. Oh so cute….look like elf. Trees! Let it shine…let it twinkle….forever let it sparkle!!

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