Mr. Snowman…

I wanted to try building a snowman (or perhaps a snow bird) in our yard yesterday… but the snow was too fluffy.

Here I am after falling into the snow… luckily, I saved the camera! Haha!


So I came inside and drew a snowman instead!  I started with a blind contour drawing to warm-up…


And added a little watercolor.  They look kind of cute in their childlike way.  🙂

I was now ready to create Mr. Snowman:


I started by stenciling the background with acrylic paint and added a little glitter.  Glued my gelli-printed papers to my paper.  Added pencil shading and detail.  Finished it with pan pastels to soften the ground.  I believe we are never too old to build a snowman!!

Cheers with a nice, hot cup of cocoa!!  🙂

26 responses to “Mr. Snowman…

  1. Lucky save, Jill! Saved the camera and yourself from harm. I love this painting. The blues are so beautiful, and the snowman so lively and full of expression!

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  2. Oh I LOVE it! and how cute you look all snowy! Lucky you to have all that snow for Christmas!!! Ours melted, and it is in the 60s! craziness! xo

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  3. I like the 3 even more than Mr. perfect 😉

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  4. Never too old! I agree….love your snowmen!

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  5. Love, love, love this one Jill and your photo. This could be next years xmas card. So gorgeous.

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  6. Always fun to play in the snow! Love the swirls in the back ground, sure makes it look cold out side! Frosty is so adorable and love his hat!

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  7. Love your layered effect and seeing you in the snow!

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  8. It’s just not the season until you fall in the snow!! LOL Love it! And these snowmen are fantastic! 😍

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  9. Artful Aspirations

    Your snowmen and you are too adorable! Hope your Christmas was lovely!

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