Hip Hippo Hooray!!

Do you need a daily dose of inspiration to motivate you to create art?  Then you may be interested in taking Carla Sonheim’s online class for 2017: “365:  Activate Your Art Brain” – you can watch a short video about it, hereEach day you will receive a short video of inspiration!  I hope you join me in the fun!  🙂

You can also purchase this book from Amazon with 365 blank pages to fill with your own art or ideas for 2017:


This will be my 5th year of taking a year-long class with Carla Sonheim.  She has a blog on WordPress too!  www.CarlaSonheim.wordpress.com

I am always inspired by Carla and the people who take her classes!!

Hip Hippo Hoorah that 2017 is on its way!!


Here’s to creating every day in the New Year!!

Cheers Friends!  🙂

13 responses to “Hip Hippo Hooray!!

  1. Yay! A great idea for 2017

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  2. One of Calrlas books is always lying around here and if it happens that I want to sketch and have no idea what I open the book at a random page. It always helps me and I love her funny style. I bet you will have loads of fun!

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  3. Looks like this fun little guy is ready to ring in the new year! Yahoo! So fun!

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  4. Love that hippo!! Just made me smile!! Thanks for that! And yay to an inspiring new year!! 😍

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  5. Yay Hip Hippo Hoorah for 2017! Just saw her video really inspiring 🎨 Hippo’s expressions are like he is ready to rock 2017! 😀Love it Jill!

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