A Pink Cloud World

I was going to take a little blogging break… but I had so much fun creating art yesterday that I had to share it with you!!  🙂

I started making pink clouds for Carla Sonheim’s new year-long class that I told you about here.

It was snowing yesterday which inspired me to create this haiku for my hand-stenciled pink clouds:


And then one idea snowballed into another… hehe…


The above one was created with a variety of mixed mediums such as fluid acrylics and watercolors.  I then started layering patterns with my small 3 x 5 inch Gelli-Plate, using it like a stamp.

I couldn’t stop with just one!  So I created another sheet and added a few other colors with my handmade stamps:


I was getting tired but didn’t want to waste paint on my brayer.. so it led me to create this piece:


And then try a collage using paper I made for my clouds:


It says, “In a pink cloud world – everyone has rosy pink cheeks – And no one gets sick with disease like cancer or dementia.”

I know it is wishful thinking but we can all dream BIG in a Pink Cloud World!

Happy New Year!!  Cheers!  🙂

24 responses to “A Pink Cloud World

  1. I really love your Pink Cloud World, Jill! It is so fun, bright and vibrant! I also like the ideas that nobody ever gets sick. Your creative energy shines through so brightly! Loving all those textures and colours.

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  2. Pink cotton candy clouds! I think my mind is in there at the moment…(K)

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  3. Love it. So glad you decided to share !

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  4. Sooo Pretty !!! I love them!!! Thank you for sharing =)

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  5. They are adorable, Jill. I’m thinking of getting a stamping set. Did you get yours in a set or separately?

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  6. Glenmar Fullmer

    Happy New Year Jill! I loved today’s blog. Well I always love them. I see your creativity growing every year. What I love best is that you bring such happiness and good cheer and humor into your art and it makes my days begin with smiles and giggles. Think I’ll give Carla another try. I was a bit overwhelmed last time. Maybe I can relax more now and just be me(who is that?). Love and hugs


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    • So nice to hear from you, Glenmar! ❤ Thank you for your sweet comments. I’m glad I can brighten your world a little… 😄 I do hope you take Carla’s class! Fun to have a short video to watch each day. And we can cheer each other on! 🌈🎨👍


  7. Love the Pink 💕Pretty COOL 😍 Thanks for sharing with us 😀
    Love the color combination the version one where you used mixed mediums – acrylics and watercolors. 1000 likes for that 😍

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  8. Yay! This is awesome! I love seeing thrilled and excited Jill! Beautiful things happen! Sounds like an inspiring class! 😃💕

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  9. Yummmm cotton candy pink clouds!! Willie wonka style! Love all the people…..ah just so cute!!

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  10. Artful Aspirations

    Beautiful pink clouds!


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