The Polar Bear Plunge

A local lake has an annual, “Polar Bear Plunge” on New Year’s Day.  Too cold for me to plunge into that freezing cold water…

So I decided to take a different approach with a warm-up blind contour drawing of a polar bear wearing a bikini… hehe!


Before I dived in with this one and added some handmade stenciled snowflakes in my art journal…


Hope it gives you a smile today!  🙂


18 responses to “The Polar Bear Plunge

  1. Smiles 😊❄️

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  2. I love your “blind” polar bear pics – they’re wonderful!

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  3. Oh so cute. I have two polar pear figures I sometimes use for drawing. Usually in the dead of winter. I have not thought to dress them. These are so good. My husband also smiled when he saw what I was smiling at.

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    • Hi Carmel! Blind contour drawings are so fun! That is cool that you often draw from polar bears. There was a photo in our local newspaper of a gal wearing a bikini taking the polar bear plunge so it gave me the idea! Glad I could give you and your hubby a smile today! 😃❄️


  4. OH MY!! Our polar bear please plunge is simply going out side into single digit temps! Brrrrr!! Can’t imagine jumping into water right now! Drawing that blind… that’s soooooo good!! That is an itsy bitsy tinny Winnie pink bikini! Shivers!

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  5. haha! You’re just awesome!! I LOVE this!! I think your polar bear turned out beautifully in that pink bikini! So cute and just a bit sexy! Lol 😉💕

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  6. So *that’s* where this guy came from! 😄I miss these explanations being on IG only.

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  7. Artful Aspirations

    This makes me happy! Hahaha! Too adorable!

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