Creating Art Is Like…

Creating art is like…  How would you complete this sentence?

Yesterday, I was working on day #5 for 365 online class with Carla Sonheim and came up with this quote for my journal:


My background looked a little like peeling paint to me so it was my inspiration.

I added a paint sample card around the number 5 just for fun.  And can you find the bee?

Wishing you a creative day full of beauty!

Cheers!  🙂

23 responses to “Creating Art Is Like…

  1. Found it 🙂 I like the shirt … and the whole page!

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  2. I love the lady and her outfit. I think she is YOU! and I love you and your creative beauty!

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  3. A grand experiment! Cute spread and post, Jill!

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  4. 🙂 Found it, but thought the lady…which might be you was the busy bee making art!

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  5. Yes it’s right on the top right corner 🐝 I loved the green background too! Creating art is like Fun and Freedom 🎨

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  6. Awww love this!! Love the bee! hehe! 😍 Hmmm… creating art is like slicing onions… it may make you cry at times, but the result is always deliciously worth it! 😉Lol

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  7. Oh yes found the bee…that was way to easy!! Can you find the wine glass or the ice cream cone?

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  8. Clever! I think you’ve come up with a good truism. 🙂

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  9. Jill the beauty of creating art is that it is so different for each person and what we see, feel, hear is key to our individuality. Creating art is different for me every day and I never know what the end result will be. Sometimes its pure joy and sometimes I am disappointed with what I created. But create I must its in the blood. Love your take on it and your amazing range of talents.

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