‘Tis The Season

January seems to be the season for colds… I caught one last week that seems to be hanging around like this “Mizzle.”

What is a Mizzle, you ask?  Well, here is my weird bird interpretation:


According to Dictionary.com – A mizzle is a cross between a mist and a drizzle…

Happy Weird Bird Wednesday!!

Cheers!  😉

19 responses to “‘Tis The Season

  1. What an adorable bird! Mizzle is such a fun word. Can’t wait to use it in front of the kids. Hope your cold goes fast.

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  2. Great word! Hope your cold leaves you soon! (K)

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  3. Oh I love that word and I love Ms. Mizzle! But boo for your cold. I am finally getting over mine after almost 3 weeks! UGH! Here’s an extra “Bless you!” ❤

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  4. Ahw he looks as miserable as the word mizzle sounds…hopefully the sun will shine quickly for him! xoxo

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  5. Oooh…another word I shall use!

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  6. I hope your cold, and adorable mizzle don’t hang on too long. Feel better soon!

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  7. Ahh mizzle looks so sad and most likely a few days at home!! Hot cup of tea and a big bowl of chicken soup!! Mizzle should have warm wooly socks on and a scarf!! Feel better!

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  8. Haha I loved the word mizzle! 😀 Liked the ambience you created around the bird 😎

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  9. Love Mizzle!! well… love your weird bird version! 😍 I think actual mizzle is what was coming out of me for most of December when I couldn’t quite kick my cold. 😊hehe

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    • Oh, no! 🤧 It was probably all the traveling you had to do, Charlie! Planes seem to circulate all the germs… Glad you got rid of it eventually. ☺️ Happy you like my weird bird! They always seem to make me smile! 😄🐦

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