Lions And Piglets And Bears, Oh My!

I am enjoying Carla Sonheim’s year long class where I get a short video to jump start my creativity each day.

I thought you might enjoy seeing what I’ve been doing.  🙂

Eyes-closed drawings of Lions, they are a ROAR to do:


I used an Elegant Writer pen to draw my lions (eyes closed) and then watercolor to bleed my lines – eyes open of course!

This lion I did in the same technique except over a watercolor painted background:


I think I draw better with my eyes closed!  Lol!  I used gesso on a paint brush to smear the lines and then added watercolor.  It looks like fabric to me.

This last lion, I painted gesso on black paper.  While the gesso was still wet, I drew my lion’s face into it (eyes closed).  I then added the body with gesso (eyes open), rubbed on pan pastels and added some gold gel pen.  It glows!


And yesterday was “Winnie the Pooh,” day.  It was fun to focus on shape and form with a watercolor brush to paint Piglet and Pooh Bear and the other adorable story characters:


After I painted my shapes by looking at photos, I cut them out and glued them to my page that  I previously painted with watercolors and a light coating of gesso.

I hope you give these creative exercises a try, they are so FUN to do!!

Cheers! 🙂

10 responses to “Lions And Piglets And Bears, Oh My!

  1. Love that yellow lion! (K)

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  2. These are so cool!! Impressed with the eyes closed yellow lion…. that’s awesome!! 😍

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  3. Lovely work, reminds me so of the art in seventies children books: a good thing! Xo Johanna

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  4. Your lions came out really good! I never did anything good when my instructor had the class close their eyes in my sketching and drawing class. My pencil was all over the place!


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