The Ballet Dancer

I’ve always admired the beauty and grace of ballet dancers.

When I saw that Ivy Newport was going to be teaching an online study of Degas called, The Lovely Dancer, I jumped at the chance!

I tried to capture some of the ballet dancer’s style in quick gesture drawings with charcoal:



It makes me want to get up and twirl!


How about you?  Do you like ballet?

Happy Friday!  Cheers!  🙂

27 responses to “The Ballet Dancer

  1. Awesome job on these drawings Jill!!!

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  2. I had ballet lessons for most part of my youth…until I became too tall ( I am 6ft+) One has to be short for ballet.My teacher at one point shouted:” Stop growing!”…so I really enjoyed your little dancers!! xo Johanna

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  3. You absolutely captured their graceful movements!

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  4. Wow!! These are fantastic, Jill! So much energy and movement! Well done! 😍

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  5. the body in motion…with grace (K)

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  6. These are lovely! I think they’d make a lovely series on a wall.

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  7. How lovely! I love the second one, especially: so graceful!

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  8. You created such graceful ballet dancers. Lovely!

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  9. I love ballet! Your drawings are amazing!!! ❤

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  10. Dancersballetlife

    These drawings are amazing!!

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  11. Beautiful! I loved this post! 🙂 Your drawings are so lovely!!!

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  12. lotusgrapevine

    I recently been wanting to take ballet lessons but it’s sort of too late for that 😦

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