Fake Mustache Day!

I was surprised to learn that yesterday was “International” Fake Mustache Day!  😉

So I created this collage in honor of the day:


And of course, I had to try putting a fake mustache on a silly bird… perhaps you remember Bob?  If not, you can find an earlier version of him here.


Well, if you are still wanting to join in on the FUN, no worries!  “National” Fake Mustache Day is February 24th!

Cheers!! 🙂

15 responses to “Fake Mustache Day!

  1. Lol. Love these so much. 😝

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  2. haha!! LOVE these!! Thanks for the morning smiles!!! 💕😃😂

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  3. Really, I have no idea what Arlene is talking about 😉

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  4. Arlene….look a likes are the best! So cute so fun!! Ohhhh Bob, The mustache is in the wrong place! Strut those sexy legs!! Ohh my!

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  5. Artful Aspirations

    Lol!!! This is awesomely delightful!

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  6. A smile before bed…thanks Jill! (K)

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