A Bird Of A Different Color

I wanted to mix things up for today’s Weird Bird Wednesday.  So I created a few mixaphors for my bird using scissors to creatively carve its shape.

As this bird evolved, one discovered that…


Clothes Lips don’t make the bird…


And a horse bird of a different color…


May be the cat’s bird’s pajamas after all!


Never judge a book bird by its cover (up).

Cheers!  🙂

14 responses to “A Bird Of A Different Color

  1. Fun! (as usual) (K)

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  2. Lol! You’re the best!

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  3. Spring colors and excellent lips…still looking so sad ;o) xo Johanna

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  4. Big smile from me! :-]]

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  5. Lol… what a wild ride! This was a fun one! Though you honestly had me at “lips don’t make the bird” Haha! AWESOME! 😍

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