A Tropical Vacation

Wouldn’t it be great to escape some place sunny and warm?

Here is a cartoon I did yesterday in my art journal – dreaming of a tropical vacation…


Some days one has to dream!!

Cheers!  🙂

25 responses to “A Tropical Vacation

  1. Footprints in the sand…that is a good dream! (K)

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  2. LOL!! Hope you recover soon and ready to enjoy the last weeks of winter!!! xo Johanna

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  3. So sorry you are under the weather. I hope you are well soon!

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  4. A very good dream indeed! Hope you’re feeling better soon! This cold going around is miserable.

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  5. Hope you feel already a little bit better today! Fun page! Good to dream of holidays under the sun when you are ill!

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  6. This made me smile – so cute!!! Get better soon! 💕

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  7. Get well soon, Jill! Love your dreaming

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  8. I can empathize…have a cold that is not letting go! Ugh. Over two weeks now. I know what you mean about not feeling like doing art…that’s sick! Feel better soon!

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  9. I am sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I am looking forward to our summer being over, it has been the hottest summer ever, some days to hot to even go swimming.

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    • Wow! That sounds really hot! ☀️ Life seems better else where sometimes. 🌈Thank you for reminding me that life is what I make it where I am right now. ❤ I appreciate your comments, Molly. 😊


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